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Improved mechatronic products due to smart conceptual engineering

For mechatronic products and systems it is 'make or break' early in the engineering process, as in the conceptual phase both the innovation potential and the risks reach their peak. Here crucial decisions are taken that affect the development time, the budget, and the quality of the end product. In 2016, Sirris again provided Belgian companies with support in this regard: with the appropriate requirements, methodologies, and tools, creative ideas for solutions, IP expertise, and broader multidisciplinary engineering.

"The early ideas phase, where requirements and potential solutions are investigated, is at least as important as the product development itself."

Projects in 2016

InProVol (Intelligente Producten met Voorspelbare Levensduur – Intelligent Products with a Predictable Lifetime)

This project was launched in 2015 as a Flemish Innovation Partnership (VIS) between Sirris, imec, and KU Leuven's ReMI research center. The goal was to provide companies with guidelines on how to develop reliable electronic modules for a predetermined lifetime. Knowledge of the physics of failure for electronics is used in the design phase to minimize traditional lifetime tests insofar as possible. In 2016, we devised a design-for-reliability approach and a method for determining the operational conditions affecting electronic modules. We advised companies with the acquired knowledge and best practices.


This project being run in cooperation with Flanders Make builds up know-how about the integration of additive manufacturing into production lines for serial production of customised products.  Sirris gathered the system requirements and ideas for solutions using a proven approach. This methodology can be applied to the conceptual development of a wide range of systems.

Current projects


In 2017, we will work on design guidelines focusing on the reliability of electronic modules.

Webinars and articles on system engineering

With online webinars and our Techniline publications we provide companies with expertise about the various phases of system engineering, including conceptual engineering.

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