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Affordable smart coating thanks to innovative infrastructure

Coatings' water-resistant, durable, corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial, easy-to-clean, and self-cleaning properties mean that they have as many applications as they do benefits. For years now, Sirris has been helping Belgian companies to get to grips with the very latest coating technologies, doing this in our Smart Coating Application Lab in Diepenbeek, which was expanded in 2016 with brand-new coating facilities.

"In our expanded lab not only do we develop just coatings and coating combinations with PVD technology as we used to, but we can also demonstrate them on an industrial scale."

Projects in 2016

VIS (Flemish Innovation Partnership) for innovation followers - FUNCOAT (targeted innovation with functional coatings)

Many companies lack the expertise and time to follow innovations in coatings, let alone apply them themselves to their products. With the FUNCOAT project, Sirris showed these companies that many coatings are readily available and provide a lot of added value.

CORNET ACTIPOLY (coatings for tray packing)

Thermoformable plastics such as PET, PP, PS, and other combinations of plastics are commonly used for trays to pack fresh foodstuffs. This brings with it challenges in terms of recycling. The aim of this project is to develop new fiber-based, thermoformable and recyclable packing material. In 2016, we examined the effects of a barrier coating providing protection from moisture and gases and those of an antimicrobial coating.

CORNET T-CAM (coatings for additive manufacturing)

The demand for production of small series of functional AM products for industrial and consumer applications is steadily increasing. This demand has to be met with an improved, uniform surface quality. However, this is no longer feasible with the traditional manual finishing processes and decorative coatings. In this project, Sirris along with a number of companies and centers of expertise from Belgium and Germany examined how coatings can eliminate rough surfaces and add new features, such as chemical resistance, antimicrobial properties, scratch resistance, durability, and a low friction coefficient.

COST AMICI (antimicrobial coating innovations to prevent infectious diseases)

In this consortium Sirris is joining forces with partners from various countries and disciplines. Since 2016, we have been investigating how using nanocoatings in the food and cleaning sectors can help to prevent infectious diseases. Here we look at the development of coatings and also the side effects and risks of new cleaning methods.

Moments of inspiration

Current projects

CORNET T-CAM (coatings for additive manufacturing)
CORNET ACTIPOLY (coatings for tray packing)
COST AMICI (antimicrobial coating innovations to prevent infectious diseases)
IBN Cluster rond Innovatieve coatings

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