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Casting technology is all about investing in expertise and innovation

Both now and in future the foundry sector must continue innovating to keep up. Sirris supports this key sector and its customers with a variety of initiatives, including the launch of a pilot foundry with two new furnaces in 2015, and also through training courses. This means they can work on their transition to the foundry of the future.

With about 150,000 metric tons of castings per year, foundry products continue to form a mainstay for a variety of end products in Belgium. Innovation and transformation remain crucial for this sector as well. The Sirris research project Foundry of the Future investigated how foundries and their customers can integrate new technologies across all their activities. Technologies such as additive manufacturing and co-engineering are key drivers for optimizing production and staying competitive. The pilot foundry in Zwijnaarde (Belgium) provides the appropriate support in this regard.

"The manufacturing industry is getting ready for the future, and the foundry sector is no exception, with cast products still forming a mainstay for many end products. In this light, Sirris provides support to this sector and its customers."

Moments of inspiration

Course on foundry technology brings together years of accumulated knowledge

At the request of the foundries and their customers, Sirris organised a course on foundry technology. Sirris drew on its decades of expertise and knowledge for this course. Most of the instructors were internal foundry specialists, but a number of external specialists from the world of business also taught parts of the program. In this way we were able to provide the participants with in-depth and practical knowledge on all the technology- and manufacturing-related aspects that are of importance to casting.

The course was made up of six modules, with each module attracting some 30 participants. This just shows the foundry sector's awareness of the need to keep up and get ready for the manufacturing of the future.

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