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Advanced Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Sirris is one of the leading European organisations when it comes to developing and rolling out additive-manufacturing technology, and its increasingly strategic support benefited hundreds of industrial projects in 2016.

Sirris facilitates the design of additive-manufacturing materials.

To manufacture a metal item using additive manufacturing, a plate needs to be in place where the layers of material will be fitted and then cast. Very specific materials are needed, so as to keep in place the part being manufactured and enable the evacuation of the resulting heat. The design of these materials, which have a decisive effect on the cost price and the quality of the component, used to sometimes prove very complex. But now this is all ancient history thanks to the new methodology developed by Sirris.

Sirris supports pilot 3D-printing project in the aerospace industry

ASCO designs and manufactures a wide variety of products for the aerospace industry, ranging from lift mechanisms to complex mechanical components and assemblies. Among other things, the R&D department of this multinational with its headquarters in Brussels works on advanced designs for laminar wing profiles, which was the first project where ASCO decided to make use of 3D printing. Sirris successfully guided the company as it explored this area for the first time.

Grip component of Ronchi capping machine goes on 3D diet

For over half a century, Ronchi has been designing and manufacturing machinery for packaging liquid products ranging from foodstuffs to chemical goods and cosmetics. Among this Italian machinery manufacturer's products are capping machines that screw caps onto plastic bottles. Ronchi teamed up with Sirris to examine how 3D printing could further increase the productivity of such units.

Sirris gets CADskills' AMSJI jaw implant ready for 3D printing

CADskills, one of the very top producers of medical implants, offers the complete package: research, then design, and finally 3D printing. As part of its efforts to continuously innovate in these areas and take its services to a whole new level, this Ghent start-up works closely with Sirris. One of the most recent projects focused on a subperiosteal jaw implant, called AMSJI.