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Plastics engineering

Hybrid plastics are becoming an increasingly cost-effective alternative to traditional materials. The latest generations of thermoplastic composites e.g. are promising in terms of eco-friendliness and productivity. Sirris is developing and deploying new processes to take full advantage of them.

Heated stadium seating: Sit & Heat devised it, Sirris made it!

In early 2015, when the Dutch SME Sit & Heat contacted Sirris to produce a heated stadium seat, it knocked on the right door. A few years earlier, Sirris had already developed applications for slightly conductive thermoplastic materials. Unlike conventional, fully insulating plastics, an electric current can flow though this type of material. The current meets with resistance, which releases heat. It is the ideal solution for Sit & Heat.

Visio Ing Consult and Sirris upgrade quality control

Visio Ing Consult, based in Hannut, specialises in product control, sizing and sorting using optical systems. To meet the needs of companies that manufacture parts in small and medium-sized runs, it wanted to develop and market a piece of equipment capable of screening batches comprising a variety of parts in a fully automated way. It produced a complex set of specifications and turned to Sirris to realise them.

Global success for CE+T Power’s miniature inverter

In 2015, CE+T Power took up the challenge thrown down by Google and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to create an inverter one-tenth the size of current models. Inverters convert the energy created by batteries and solar panels into a useable form by transforming direct current into alternating current. By making them smaller, Google and the IEEE hope to facilitate the penetration of renewable energy systems and other battery-operated applications.