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Data-driven innovation for real industry problems

An increasing number of innovations relying on software or sensors are based on the efficient exploitation of large quantities of data. The data innovation team at Sirris offers support and training to companies to exploit the potential of data and data technology.

New technologies such as the Internet of Things and Big Data generate huge amounts of information with the potential to revolutionize business, industry, energy, health, transport... However, even though the world-changing potential of data-driven innovation is widely acknowledged, effective methods of exploiting the data continue to be the biggest challenges to (cross-domain) innovations. Data Innovation at Sirris focuses on taking knowledge gained through industrial research and applying it to real life problems, for a more efficient, healthier, happier society.

"Data has the potential to completely change the way we approach business, industry, health, transport, energy, and many other sectors. The Sirris Data Innovation team is dedicated to support the industry develop skills in the areas of data analytics, prediction and decision making."

Projects initiated in 2015

  • HYMOP project (ongoing): tackling a complex industrial challenge from multiple angles, this research project involves all major universities of Flanders. The project aims to advance the state of the art in the area of maintenance and operation of fleets of industrial machines. Challenges include the management of complex data streams, computational modelling scalability, real-time predictions and decision support.
  • Doctiris project (ongoing): this industrial PhD research project involving 3E and ULB is the first of its kind for Sirris. In this 3-party project, a sponsored PhD researcher hosted and guided by Sirris is given the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges related to exploitation of industrial production related data. The researcher develops solutions that helps companies monitoring and optimizing production processes to estimate future performance, predict equipment failures and schedule pro-active maintenance based on advanced data analysis and simulation techniques.

Which projects are we working on now?

  • EluciDATA: is a technology transfer project coordinated by the Data Innovation team and with the aim to stimulate uptake of data innovation in industry. Several different services for the participating companies are available within the project. A series of interactive master classes with the tagline “data-driven innovation beyond the hype” are offered to industry. The classes are delivered by Sirris either at some central location or on the premises of industry companies seeking solutions for specific data-related challenges.
  • CareWare: a collaborative effort between several technology companies, this research project seeks to discover the potential of digital quality-of-life applications in monitoring and advancing personal health and well-being.
  • Mantis: the result of this project will be the development of a proactive maintenance and service platform that allows companies monitoring production assets to predict and prevent equipment failures, and to schedule maintenance before equipment problems occur.

Moments of inspiration

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