AM Integrated Factory

Sirris's AM Integrated Factory is a pilot factory to demonstrate and to do research on an industrial level, in order to help companies to integrate additive manufacturing operations for the production of parts in industrial production lines.

Additive manufacturing (AM) technology has now reached a stage where it is ready to be integrated in a production line, but this is not yet the case… There are still many practical issues to solve. Sirris has therefore launched the ‘AM Integrated Factory’ to develop and industrialise AM technologies “in line” with other breakthrough manufacturing technologies.

We will guide companies to integrate AM by means of a multidisciplinary approach:

  1. Unique combination of high-tech infrastructure on 1 site
  2. Driven by outstanding knowledge on manufacturing technologies such as:
    • additive manufacturing
    • hybrid manufacturing,
    • precision manufacturing, 
    • digital fabrication,
    • transparent factory
    • agile production set-ups

First time right production 

In the AM Integrated Factory in Diepenbeek Sirris experts investigate and demonstrate the production of complex parts with a high added value by combining breakthrough manufacturing technologies. This by applying a “First time right production” approach and taking into account post-processing and robotisation/automation from design to product. 

Some challenges of the industry that needed to be tackled:

  • altering the design to be able to fully use the potential of the technology
  • integration of multiple functionalities into one part 
  • maintaining high precision throughout the production process
  • flexible production with low setup cost per product

What can this mean for your (AM) production facility?

Contact us by phone or e-mail, we’ll be happy to help you!

Interested to see our AM integrated factory live? 

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Overview of the state-of-the-art technologies available in the AM integrated factory

  • LBM (laser beam melting - Concept Laser M2)
  • 5-axis high precision milling (Fehlmann Versa P825)
  • Femtosecond laser micromachining (Lasea LS5-1)
  • Integrated Laser Hardening (Laserline LDM-1000 1kW diode laser with OTS-3 optics mounted on Haas 3-axis milling machine)
  • Metrology CMMs (Mitutoyo Crysta Apex and Mach Kogame)
  • Link manufacturing technologies by cobots (Kuka, UR, Rethink Robotics) and AGV’s (Kuka)
  • Digital communication via OPC-UA protocol
  • Comsol simulation of physical behavior
This project is supported, within the ERDF framework "Integration of 3D-metal printing", by the European Union, the Flemish Government, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) and the Province of Limburg.