Accumalux tests the mechanical properties of thermoplastics

To guarantee the quality of both the materials and components of automotive batteries over the entire product life cycle, and avoid unforeseen costs, Accumalux opts for extensive testing.

The company specialises in injection moulding solutions for the battery industry and supplies the world’s leading battery manufacturers. Its expertise encompasses the conception and production of battery parts such as the enclosure, lid and a wide range of accessories, and also extends to the development and construction of moulds for the automotive industry and the production of specific plastic items.

Frequent quality tests

Throughout all of its activities, Accumalux keeps a close eye on the quality of its raw materials and makes sure it stays abreast of research into new materials to guarantee technical and competitive specifications. To ensure the quality of its products and avoid unforeseen costs, the company carries out numerous checks and regularly calls upon Sirris to perform mechanical testing and to validate thermoplastic materials. These wide-ranging campaigns include tensile, bending, impact, ageing, and thermal resistance tests as well as tests to ascertain behaviour under the influence of chemical agents and annealing.

Testing is carried out both on the raw materials in existing end products and on new materials. This is because the end applications impose tough demands on the materials. Battery shells have a hard life and not every plastic meets the stringent requirements for this application. Testing also allows quality to be guaranteed throughout the entire lifecycle of the products.


The various tests allow Accumalux to validate the properties and technical specifications of materials that it uses or wishes to use, and to guarantee that these are in line with the product specification and meet any internal or customer requirements. The test results help the company to define the procedures it needs to follow to guarantee compliance with its requirements.  

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