Accredited tests offer more security for you and your customer

Testing is essential to guarantee continuous quality to your customer. However, you have to make sure the test results are reliable and correct. Standards are constantly increasing. And Sirris is more than aware of that. That is why we want to expand our network of accredited quality tests. An accreditation according to ISO 17025 offers much more security, also as an extra check for those who have their own test lab

The importance of tests increases year after year under the influence of standards, regulations and increased awareness of consumers, who make higher demands. Correct tests also reduce the chance of errors and any related complaints afterwards. Many companies test in-house, and those who do not have this possibility can outsource their tests. However, it is in the interest of both groups to work with an accredited lab. This is not yet the standard today, but there are many advantages to be gained from working with an accredited organisation. 

Added value of accreditation 

What is the difference between an accredited lab and other external test labs? What ISO 9001 can mean to companies, is what ISO 17025 is for test labs: accredited labs have an added value, they can present proof of high technical competence. Achieving this accreditation requires a quality system according to defined procedures, which in turn requires efforts in terms of infrastructure, staff, external and internal control, customer treatment and a process of continuous improvement. This translates into reproducible test results with high quality and minimal risk of errors. Because  of the continuous traceability, in case a deviation occurs, the impact can clearly be understood while an adequate remedial plan can be drawn up without delay. Providing such a quality guarantee signifies a major investment for many companies. Finally, an accredited lab is strictly independent and impartial, which increases the reliability of the tests in the eye of customers

If your products are tested at an accredited lab, you can also rest assured and use these test results abroad. After all, accreditation guarantees that internationally applicable standards and requirements have been met

Random samples for reduced risk 

If tests are performed by an accredited laboratory, you can count on correctly performed tests according to the most up-to-date test methods and under the most optimal conditions, on reliable test results and on a quality service. 

Even if your tests are performed in-house, you may benefit from regular random tests performed by an accredited laboratory. After all, no lab is flawless and errors can occur in all areas. A periodic check is therefore essential, to make sure no incorrect test results are delivered to customers, which could cause some serious problems. 

Expansion of the offer of accredited tests 

Sirris is accredited for different tests at the labs in Ghent and Liège. Whenever possible it also follows the same procedures for the test for which no accreditation was obtained, to guarantee the same high quality for the entire test offer. 

Sirris intends to expand its offer of accredited tests to the coating department in Diepenbeek. The first steps have already been done including the expansion of the infrastructure. 

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