2020 European workshop on pressure equipment standardization

On 16 November the European Committee for Standardization will be organizing an online workshop on pressure equipment standardization.

The aim of the workshop is to learn, discuss and exchange on various pressure equipment standardization hot topics such as hydrogen, welding or the publication of the next EN 13445 'Unfired pressure vessels' and EN 13480 'Metallic industrial piping' compilations. Additionally, some updated guidelines on how to draft Pressure Equipment Harmonized standards will be given.

The online workshop aims at experts involved in the design and construction of pressure equipment, manufacturers of pressure equipment, manufacturers in machine and plant industries, operators of small to large scale plants, planning companies/engineering bureaus, technical consulting companies testing and monitoring organisations.

The programme of the meeting on 16 November can be found here. This event is free of charge but please confirm your participation by registering online before 12 November.