1 Million Euro Club ready for internationalisation

On 19 December 2018 thirty business people met in Mechelen for a breakfast meeting. They were invited by Scaleup.vlaanderen for a learning network meeting. All the business people had in common that they each had more than one million euros in capital, or had generated more than one million euros in recurring revenues.

Radiating entrepreneurship, Haverweg in Mechelen was the perfect location for the breakfast meeting. The atmosphere at the meeting was relaxed and everyone had the opportunity to exchange experiences. Everyone faces the same challenges so that the learning network meeting was right on target.

Internationalisation remains a hot topic for growing businesses. Many of the scale-ups are at the point of breaking through internationally and are busy searching for knowledge and experience to do this. The guests included BelCham, FIT, Sirris and Agoria, who provided the participants with interesting and useful tips and pointers.

The concept

Agoria, Sirris, VLAIO and BelCham regularly arrange such breakfast sessions for Belgian digital scale-ups who have recently achieved one million euros capital in a single consecutive year, or generated one million euros in recurring revenue. What is the objective of these events? Meeting in a friendly atmosphere and exchanging experiences with fellow entrepreneurs running digital scale-ups.

Since 2017-2018 more than 50 businesses have joined and an average of 30 CEOs join these breakfast meetings each time.

The next 1 Million Club meeting takes place on Thursday 27 July.

In addition to the learning networks, Scaleup.vlaanderen also facilitates six-month guidance projects for scale-ups (growth companies that market digital products). For further information about Scaleup.vlaanderen please visit http://scaleup.vlaanderen.