Data Innovation

Your partner in data innovation

Smart use of data is a good way of gaining the competitive advantage nowadays. Whether you’re aiming for more efficient processes, greater personalisation, or new products or services: you need good, substantiated data. Most companies do have a lot of data, but channelling, interpreting and deploying it needs at lot of know-how and experience. And all this is available from the Data Innovation experts at Sirris.

2015 - 2017: 28 innovative projects – 18 R&D projects submitted – 11 training sessions with 114 participating companies

1. Industrial advice for industry 

From examining technological choices, through to building prototypes: by creating customised projects we help companies to deal with a whole range of data related issues

  • How relevant is data for your business? 
  • Where is the innovative potential in your data?
  • Which data technology do you prefer?
  • What about Internal Service for Protection and Prevention at Work [GDPR] and personal data?

2. Joint R&D projects

We build an R&D incubator around your data challenges. With a team of experts you get your project off the ground and start searching for ideas. 

  • We bring challenges and aims together to create an R&D project.
  • We search for knowledge, experts and government support for your project.
  • We bring together (research) partners in a consortium.
  • We mould your ideas into a proof-of-concept and primed action plan.

3. Individual or collective training sessions

We share knowledge through a large number of channels including events, training sessions, masterclasses, academic papers and work placements in order to reinforce your own data expertise. 

  • We discuss controversial issues at open events that go into data innovation.
  • We organise training sessions for various stakeholders, from business experts to technology experts.
  • We provide companies with insights into the most important international publications and studies.
  • We support students carrying out research into data related challenges.


Current R&D projects

  • HYMOP: we analyse data from a whole raft of connected industrial machinery along with Belgian universities.

  • Doctiris & MANTIS: in this research project we focus on large scale predictive analysis for scheduling the proactive maintenance of industrial machinery for example.

  • DEWI: here we researched technologies for predicting the remaining lifespan of batteries in smart, connected products in a smart home environment.

  • EluciDATA: Technology transfer project with the aim of stimulating the uptake of data innovation in industry (

Concrete cases with companies


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