Cloud computing & SaaS

Helping software companies in the cloud

The advent of the internet and Software as a Service (SaaS) have drastically altered the way in which software designers take their products to market. Thanks to SaaS, small or start-up companies can end up serving a global market in no time at all. But how should you go about doing this? And what do you need to take into account? Which cloud solutions are suitable for you? And how can you build a scalable cloud business step by step and anticipate future success? Check our agenda for future events on this topic.

Sirris also offers other services on cloud computing:

Sirris' Tech Stack ReviewTM

Ever wondered if your technology stack is on par with your ambitions? Sirris’ Tech Stack Review™ provides you with an unbiased and technology neutral view of your current technology stack, development practices and product management approaches. As a SaaS company, you want to grow fast, serve more customers and speed up the rollout of your innovations. Sirris’ Tech Stack Review™ offers you the means to do it.

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