In the context of the VIS-OWOME project dynamic dashboards were developed to monitor and analyse different machine signals. This should make it easier to understand and anticipate machine condition and performance, and allow for the detection of certain phenomena.

Ready for a top job which combines your talent for technology and innovation with your adventurous nature? OWI-Lab is currently looking for an application engineer for new and current projects to improve operations & maintenance in offshore wind turbine farms.

For the digital business industry to be able to achieve qualitative data acquisition sensor deployment needs to be optimised. To help SMEs in this process Sirris, Hahn-Schickard and the FZI Research Center for Computer Science are preparing a project proposal 'InsightProducts - Actionable Insights into Product Service Delivery'. The focus will be on supporting companies in the optimal use of sensing & communication to capture qualitative product information, resulting in more actionable insights at the remote customers’ premises.

Which regional and European support measures are available for your innovative projects in Brussels Capital Region? What is going to change from 2018 based on the new, recently approved edicts? What kind of technical innovation support is available for industry in Brussels? Sirris, Agoria and Innoviris are able to help you with this.

Polymer Additive Manufacturing is moving from a prototyping technique to a production technique. Major changes can be expected for equipment suppliers, yet the future will partly depend on how standardisation evolves.

CogniStreamer is one of the leading players on the collaborative innovation software market. It provides a software platform and accompanying guidance which are all about taking a systematic approach to innovation. It draws inspiration and is supported by expertise from the ITEA ACCELERATE project launched and implemented with Sirris.

Our five-strong constructor team is putting the finishing touches on the Sirris soapbox ahead of the Red Bull Soapbox Race this coming Sunday. Having already produced a prototype and made the first few parts, the Da Vinci team has spent the last few days working on the connectors that will hold the soapbox’s bamboo structure together, and assembling their creation.

Embracing the circular economy is a good idea. Understanding the basics of the circular economy is the key to making progress. It ensures you ask the right questions and offers a view of the entire picture.

Additive manufacturing is almost ready for the production floor. However, several challenges still remain in relation to its industrialisation and upscaling.


118 grants for patent filing were awarded in the Walloon Region in 2016. Businesses in the Biotechnology and Health sector were particularly represented.