In the context of the event 'Optimising Wind Farms In Cold Climates' which took place on 17 and 18 October in Antwerp, OWI-Lab welcomed a delegation from the wind industry. The event focuses both on the commercial and technical complexities, which form an obstacle for the operation of wind farms. This was perfectly demonstrated in the climate chamber of OWI-Lab.

Data is present all around us nowadays. These data is invaluable for a company. More people and more machines constantly generate larger amounts of data and technologies for storage, analysis and knowledge processing are freely available and evolve quickly. Money can be made and saved by collecting, accumulating, analysing, using and (re)selling of data.

The impact of digitisation on innovation, whether for the product, the production or the organisation of processes, has been great. Moreover, this impact on industry and, consequently, in our services, is continuing to grow. That is why Sirris is looking to reinforce its expertise in digital innovation.

CNH Industrial (CNHi) develops and manufactures machinery for the agricultural and construction sectors. The company strives for continuous improvement of its machinery and therefore wanted to optimise a component, namely the tension arm of a drive - an adjustment that needed to be made at short notice.

With the AM Integrated Factory Sirris shows that additive manufacturing (AM) is ready for the production floor. The official launch took place on 14 November. The pilot line which combines different technologies - an investment of €2.5 million - is a first for Belgium and far beyond.

The Sirris Coating Lab has recently purchased a TQC Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester to perform scrub abrasion and washability tests on coated materials.

A test project has been started in Leuven that uses recycled cork to prevent weeds growing around the base of trees. The project arose from a development that Sirris was already involved in.

Quality management really means something at Sirris, whose system has been ISO 9001 for more than 20 years.

Are you just a beginner or experienced user? There’s something for everybody with our crash course and our masterclass! We’re providing the fundamental principles relating to various themes, each time with the necessary depth.

Our society is no longer in touch with building materials. Materials are unknown to many people, as is the process of making objects. According to Mark Miodownik, speaker at the Circular Economy Day, the first step towards circular economy lies in (re)acquiring this knowledge and skill.