On 25 October Sirris and Flanders Make organise their Mechatronics4.0 Masterclass IV on vision technology. The aim of this masterclass is to inform you about the merits of vision technology and provide you insights about how to integrate these systems in your products or production in an effective way.

DiBO was looking for energy savings and ecological improvements for a line of industrial high-pressure cleaners. Together with Sirris the company developed a new, more ecological hybrid high-pressure cleaner.

Are you an electronics wizard? And fascinated by smart products and innovation? Then you're cut out to strengthen our Mechatronics team in Heverlee as a project engineer in electronics. You can count on many partnerships with leading regional and foreign companies and you will have experts in multiple fields as your colleagues and partners.

systems engineering, productontwikkeling

Collecting and properly managing all infomation during the draft stage of product development can often be a challenge. Issues such as access to the latest version, communication amongst those involved or centralized or non-centralized information lead to annoyance and time loss or even additional costs and longer lead time. The approach of systems engineering offers answers to these issues.

Do you as a manufacturer sometimes encounter problems with premature product failure? Are the integrated electronics usually the problem? Would you like to find out more about the cause of such failures? A series of webinars are being organised within the InProVol project to inform companies about how to deal with this problem. The second webinar in the series is now online and focuses on CE marking.


Due to recent technological developments, robots and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) are becoming more common, even outside industrial environments. An inspiring example is Octinion's prototype strawberry picking robot.

Do you, manufacturer, sometimes have trouble with the premature failure of your products caused by the built-in electronics? Do you want to know what the cause of this failure is? Sirris can help you out.

volautomatisch monitoren, cnc-machines

The company Dierickx developed a fully automated control unit which monitors the quality of coolant on CNC processing centres and regulates the fluid level.

Despite smart technology becoming increasingly accessible, taking the step towards smart, connected products represents unknown territory for many SMEs. How do I get started? What added value can I create? What will the impact be on my products? Sirris can help you here!

To help you to get a clear view on the state of the art of indoor and outdoor positioning technologies the Mechatronics 4.0 team organises a masterclass seminar on positioning technologies. In this seminar we will focus on localisation technologies that can be used in industrial and logistic environments, to localise both assets or goods and mobile systems/vehicles.