With the support of Sirris, Cebo looked for an invisible coating to provide restored engine parts of vintage cars with an additional protective layer.

Nowadays cork is no longer considered as a disposable material, but instead as a valuable recycling material. Applications for recycled cork are currently being fully researched. Non-profit Vlaspit devised a natural ground cover for placing around the bottom of plants and trees.

Weight reduction, higher performance, integrated functionality, etc. Are you looking for new production processes to achieve higher added value for your products? Combining different materials could provide the right solution! Sirris, BIL, Agoria and Flanders Make have organised a workshop on the subject for 24 October. We will be providing insights into the latest, modern technologies used for joining dissimilar materials.

The start-up PlantHive is operating in the field of hydroponics, which involves growing plants out of the soil, on a neutral, inert substrate and developed a concept for a smart greenhouse. Sirris optimises greenhouse concept for mass production.

Sirris conducted accelerated aging tests to map the longevity of Veldeman Structure Solutions' PVC-coated fabrics.

The use of lightweight components stands or falls on the choice of materials. Product value, product costs, production costs, development costs and risks are, however, difficult to estimate when dealing with lesser known materials such as composites. The seventh white paper focusses on tooling for composites.

Designs using more than one material can provide solutions that are not feasible with single materials. But how do you join these different materials? Sirris and BIL are holding a seminar on 24 October about joining dissimilar materials.

Adidas has also learned that coatings offer a solution to everyday problems. The shoe manufacturer has just launched a new sneaker especially for the Oktoberfest in Munich. What’s special about this shoe is not what you see, but what you don’t see.

With the topic 'rethink, recycle, re-use & renew’ the trade fair Kunststoffen 2017, which will take place in Veldhoven, the Netherlands on 27 and 28 September, proves that it is completely up-to-date with the main trends in society, as well as in the industry. Sirris, which has been on top of this trend since the start, will be present with a stand and give a presentation.

Traditionally, coatings used in the construction industry are decorative or protective paints for walls and wood work. However, more and more coatings with other functionalities are being developed and used in buildings and applied on building materials. On 21 September, the cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’, which Sirris is a part of, organises a workshop and matchmaking event on this theme.