On 19 October Brussels will host the Digital First event, a leading conference for the digitalisation business. The purpose of the event is exploring the latest technologies, the newest wave of technological adoption, market evolution, new solutions, innovative technology, new opportunities and trends.

When your developers are continuously busy managing servers and upgrading operating systems, they have no time to work on your product and you loose competitive power. Besides time ‘serverless computing’ also gives you other advantages.

For the digital business industry to be able to achieve qualitative data acquisition sensor deployment needs to be optimised. To help SMEs in this process Sirris, Hahn-Schickard and the FZI Research Center for Computer Science are preparing a project proposal 'InsightProducts - Actionable Insights into Product Service Delivery'. The focus will be on supporting companies in the optimal use of sensing & communication to capture qualitative product information, resulting in more actionable insights at the remote customers’ premises.

CogniStreamer is one of the leading players on the collaborative innovation software market. It provides a software platform and accompanying guidance which are all about taking a systematic approach to innovation. It draws inspiration and is supported by expertise from the ITEA ACCELERATE project launched and implemented with Sirris.

People are building too much software. I see how lots of SaaS teams focus on building their software product, more features, refactoring and building infrastructure, while often essential matters such as offering a good first user experience (‘onboarding’) is often left the chance. The second ‘S’ in ‘SaaS’ stands for ‘Service’. This is exactly where the difference is made. It is high time for SaaS companies to understand that first of all they have to develop a service, and only then, in second place, software.

Data science can be very valuable to innovate within several domains, also for SMEs. The EluciDATA mastercourse provides pragmatic and industry-oriented sessions to data-driven innovation. The next session (second edition), with as its topic the art of formulating a data science task, will take place in Diepenbeek on 28 September.

DEWI is a European research project which ended in February 2017 and has provided key solutions for seamless wireless connectivity and interoperability in smart cities and infrastructure by looking at members of the public's everyday physical environments in buildings, cars, trains, and planes. In this way, DEWI has provided significant input for the emergence of smart homes and smart public spaces.

By May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have to be implemented by all companies collecting and processing personal data. This new legislation reinforces the data subject’s rights and privacy when it comes to the processing of his/her personal data. This will change how we innovate with data.

Despite what you might think, there are no quick, simple, off-the-shelf data solutions. Data science is a creative process involving a lot of trial and error tasks. Data Analytics goes beyond technical skills, human, business and research aspects must also be taken into account.

Are you interested in getting more insights and in learning more about the creative process of characterising data in terms of features that can help you reach better results when you are applying a data mining or machine learning algorithm? This is your chance then, as Sirris will be organising a second edition of this training session.