On 5 December Sirris and Agoria launched the Digital Journey Tracker, a practical tool to help businesses find their way in the maze of digitisation. The minister of Work, Economy, Innovation and Sports, Philippe Muyters, attended the launch.

Now that more and more devices are connected to the Internet and to other devices, collecting data, their influence on our safety is increasing and the importance of securing information systems - IoT systems in particular - is growing. Strong, verifiable device identity is therefore crucial, as protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information exchanged within an IoT system hinges on it. Establishing and protecting device identity is paramount, hardware plays a vital part in this.

Early November the third support group of ten scale-ups started a Scaleup.vlaanderen assessment process for innovative digital companies with a proven business model, which are on the eve of a growth acceleration.

The 1970s brought us the mainframe, the 1980s the PC, the 1990s the Internet, the Millennium the social/mobile Web - albeit a potentially arguable evolution - and the 2010s introduced us to the bitcoin and the blockchain. What exactly is the blockchain? And how come, despite its enormous potential, its industrial adoption (in Belgium) is lagging behind?

Data is present all around us nowadays. These data is invaluable for a company. More people and more machines constantly generate larger amounts of data and technologies for storage, analysis and knowledge processing are freely available and evolve quickly. Money can be made and saved by collecting, accumulating, analysing, using and (re)selling of data.

The impact of digitisation on innovation, whether for the product, the production or the organisation of processes, has been great. Moreover, this impact on industry and, consequently, in our services, is continuing to grow. That is why Sirris is looking to reinforce its expertise in digital innovation.

After the successful first edition last year, a second edition of the ‘Fleet-based analytics for data-driven operation and maintenance optimisation’ seminar is organised on 13 December. The seminar focuses on the challenges of optimising the operation and maintenance of a fleet of machines by means of data-driven analytics and hybrid modelling strategies.

Can you still see the wood for the trees when it comes to digital transformation? Sirris and Agoria built a Digital Journey Tracker together to help your business get on the right track. Discover what this tool can mean to you on 5 December.

Before proceeding with in-depth data analysis, you first need to ensure that the data you have available is suited for solving your business problem. Data exploration is a first step in the data science workflow. It helps you to find out if the data you have available is suited for the problem you want to study. Our training session on data exploration helps you on your way.

On 19 October Brussels will host the Digital First event, a leading conference for the digitalisation business. The purpose of the event is exploring the latest technologies, the newest wave of technological adoption, market evolution, new solutions, innovative technology, new opportunities and trends.