Esco Couplings manufactures various types of couplings for (rail) vehicles and other applications, mostly in small series and with a large variation. In order to continue to meet the demands of the customers, the company made some fundamental changes in the areas of production and general organisation. In doing so, it followed the principles of quick response manufacturing.

On 5 June 2018, the International Symposium on Hybrid Additive Manufacturing with Polymers, organised by Centexbel and partners, will take place in Ghent, Belgium. Methods for combining AM with conventional processes in textiles or plastics take pride of place here. You can also make your own contribution!

With the AM Integrated Factory Sirris shows that additive manufacturing (AM) is ready for the production floor. The official launch took place on 14 November. The pilot line which combines different technologies - an investment of €2.5 million - is a first for Belgium and far beyond.

In the 1980s, the robot story for Sirris - then still WTCM / CRIF - began with the arrival of the first robot at the University of Leuven. Sirris was able to see the link with industrial needs and since then, its knowledge about robots and their many applications has been built further and expanded in order to help and advise companies as best as possible.

flexibele automatisering

The 2017 edition of Motek, one of the key trade fairs for the automation of production and assembly, could once again count on significant interest and thousands of visitors. Sirris travelled to Stuttgart to take a look for the Belgian industry.

Ronchi has been designing and manufacturing machinery for packaging liquid products ranging from foodstuffs to chemical goods and cosmetics. Among this machinery manufacturer's products are capping machines that screw caps onto plastic bottles. Ronchi teamed up with Sirris to examine how 3D printing could further increase the productivity of such units.

On 14 November Sirris presents a pilot of an 'AM integrated Factory', a production line which combines several state-of-the-art technologies: LBM (laser beam melting), 5-axis high-precision milling, laser hardening, surface functionalization by means of a femtosecond laser and operator support by means of a cobot. At this festive event the keynote speaker will be Jon Meyer from Airbus.

slimme assemblagelijn

Our new pilot line for cost-efficient small series production officially started On 18 October. We had an overwhelming turnout at the inauguration: a total of more than 200 people from the industry came to our Smart & Digital Factory in Kortrijk. This proves that what Sirris is offering is perfectly in line with the needs of our technological companies.

The production and maintenance of quartz burners was causing some trouble. That's why Philips decided to redesign the burners, with the help of Sirris' expertise in additive manufacturing.

The quality of the powders used in additive manufacturing is crucial for achieving good parts. It is the subject of discussions in the standardisation committees.