With the AM Integrated Factory Sirris shows that additive manufacturing (AM) is ready for the production floor. The official launch took place on 14 November. The pilot line which combines different technologies - an investment of €2.5 million - is a first for Belgium and far beyond.

Are you just a beginner or experienced user? There’s something for everybody with our crash course and our masterclass! We’re providing the fundamental principles relating to various themes, each time with the necessary depth.

Our society is no longer in touch with building materials. Materials are unknown to many people, as is the process of making objects. According to Mark Miodownik, speaker at the Circular Economy Day, the first step towards circular economy lies in (re)acquiring this knowledge and skill.

OPRI has released some data on Belgian patents and patent applications and on Benelux marks coming from Belgium.

EcoNation started working with Ghent University engineers on the concept of enhancing the daylight coming in from outside, using it as interior lighting for buildings. It wasn't long before the high-tech LightCatcher dome, using an automated, rotating mirror system with sensors to efficiently bring daylight into buildings, saw the light of day. The company turned to Sirris to optimise the robustness and the autonomy of the smart dome's mechatronical system.

In coating industry, there is an evolution for more sustainable, more efficient and faster technologies. The fourth workshop of the cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’, which Sirris is part of, focusses on radiation curing techniques as ultraviolet (UV and UV-LED) curing and electron beam (EB) curing.

After the successful first edition last year, a second edition of the ‘Fleet-based analytics for data-driven operation and maintenance optimisation’ seminar is organised on 13 December. The seminar focuses on the challenges of optimising the operation and maintenance of a fleet of machines by means of data-driven analytics and hybrid modelling strategies.

In order to cope with the complexity of their product range, Wuyts - a materials processing company and manufacturer of several products - is open to external influences and inspiration. The company intended to innovate and optimise their products, production and the company. Sirris lent a helping hand.

Shrinking raw material stocks, rising prices ... the figures prove it all, the need for a circular economy is growing. However, this change also brings some interesting opportunities.

In the 1980s, the robot story for Sirris - then still WTCM / CRIF - began with the arrival of the first robot at the University of Leuven. Sirris was able to see the link with industrial needs and since then, its knowledge about robots and their many applications has been built further and expanded in order to help and advise companies as best as possible.