Worldline, European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, and major manufacturer of payment terminals, has taken action to reduce its environmental impact by reviewing its processes and products. The company worked with Sirris and Agoria to reduce both costs and eco-impact, putting a process of continuous improvement in place in line with the ambitious CSR policy of the Worldline Group (formalised in its Trust 2020 ambition programme).

Ultrasonic moulding is pushing the limits of standard injection moulding and is offering infinite possibilities for the production of complex miniature parts.

When analysing sensor data, you are typically confronted with different challenges relating to data quality. Here, we show you how these challenges can be dealt with and how we derive some initial insight from cleaned data via exploration techniques such as clustering.

More and more companies are starting proactive or predictive maintenance projects and they are looking how to optimise their operations thanks to the enormous amount of data they collect. However, these companies mainly focus on the individual machine level, leaving a huge potential for fleet-based analytics untapped.

Following the example set by the automotive, medical and aviation and aerospace industry, the shipbuilding industry is now discovering the advantages of 3D printing. After several tests and prototypes the first fully 3D printed screw propeller, developed and finished by a team of engineers in the Netherlands, is now ready for use at sea.

To give our companies even better support and pave the way for them to implement the circular economy, Sirris and Agoria have put together a new, comprehensive white paper. This document includes a description of the basic principles and advantages of the circular economy, and of the support and guidance needed to enable you to make further specific progress.

Are you interested in getting more insights and in learning more about the creative process of characterising data in terms of features that can help you reach better results when you are applying a data mining or machine learning algorithm? This is your chance then, as Sirris will be organising a new edition of this training session in February 2018.

Vaude, German manufacturer of strong outdoor shoes, redesigned the entire 2018 summer collection and hereby reduces the footprint of its products. In part, this is due to the use of (more) sustainable materials and innovative technologies, such as a seamless upper.

With the support of Sirris ASCO optimised an existing component of an airplane wing for production via 3D printing. The result is a component which does not only combine several functionalities but which is also 30 percent lighter and, therefore, cost-saving. The buy-to-fly ratio was also reduced from 17 to 1.5.