Lagere kosten, tal van mogelijkheden!

Investing in sustainability is not merely an expense. Sustainable innovation generates fresh opportunities, opens up new markets and paves the way for new services. Sirris can support your efforts to innovate sustainably by providing strategic and technological advice, from the drawing board stage right the way through to actual implementation.

Materials management

The innovative use of materials can result in greater sustainability as well as boosting profits. This is why ever more companies are embracing ecodesign, using new sustainable materials, recycling and implementing the sustainable business models that arise as a result.

Production processes

We can help you develop sustainable production processes, make more efficient use of materials and energy and generate fewer emissions. And your design and production processes can be made more efficient, among other things, by using optimal machinery and lowering your energy consumption.


The sophisticated equipment in our Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab (OWI Lab) serves to measure and monitor the performance of offshore wind turbines and their foundations. Sirris also has the largest climate chamber in Europe, to test wind turbine components under extreme conditions.



What can sustainability mean for your company? Please feel free to contact our sustainability experts. We will gladly pay you a visit and explain all the possibilities open to you!