New products with innovative properties and stringent performance criteria require ever more precisely manufactured components. As a result, workpiece precision is becoming increasingly important, though greater accuracy must not be allowed to push up production costs. How can you strike the right balance here?

Applications of precision manufacturing

Precision manufacturing enables the swift production of a precision component prototype, results in smoother materials or makes it possible to apply details to large surfaces. It also guarantees high precision when working with hard or brittle materials or creating near net shapes out of new materials that are tricky to handle.

Readily accessible know-how

If you have specific precision components that require subsequent processing to guarantee the required degree of accuracy, our experts can tell you how to control material stress or ensure the same precision over an entire production series. They will even sketch out the optimal production processes for you as you progress from the drawing board to the actual application.

Access to the latest infrastructure

Our labs can provide you with the high-tech equipment you need to produce relatively large components measuring up to 300 x 300 x 300 mm quickly and accurately (with precision up to 1 micron). We can also provide you all the measuring tools you require. In addition, through our network of partners we can offer you access to a particularly wide range of other high-precision machinery.

How can we help?

If precision is what you need for your new products or applications, Sirris is your ideal partner, providing both technological advice and practical solutions.

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Excelling through precision manufacturing - six livres blancs vous montrent le chemin!

Precision manufacturing - an opportunity to excell   Pour prospérer sur le marché mondial, il faut pouvoir associer des avantages inédits et des manières de se distinguer de la masse. On peut y parvenir grâce à la production de précision, mais dans le même temps, cela pose plusieurs défis au niveau des machines, des commandes et de l’outillage. Nous avons identifié six domaines dans lesquels les entreprises peuvent faire la différence. Nous allons approfondir ces domaines dans six livres blancs.

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